Tinkle 715

Fortnightly for Children Volume- 39, No-715 (May 1-15, Issue 1)


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Summer is here! Enjoy your vacations with this fun-filled issue of Tinkle.This Mother’s Day, all Aisha’s mother wants to do is relax. But can she when Aisha is seemingly up to no good? Find out in Mother’s Day Out.Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day with our Know-It-All Sam as she teaches Rahul and Ravi about birds that migrate to India during summer in Going Cuckoo.Tag along with Aadi, Ravi, Rahul and Mina as they discuss some of the funniest books you can dive into in Story Surfers: Tickle Tales.This International Day of Families, Tamo and Mamang’s much-awaited trip gets cancelled. Find out what happens as they decide to get the vacation they wanted in Thrillers: Something’s Weird?Also Starring:Find out what happens when WingStar’s biggest fan challenges her in the ultimate WingStar quiz in End of the Road? Join Shikari Shambu and find out how he deals with The Return of Toxica. Watch as Aadi and Nadia try to outsmart Freya and Sahir in NOIS: Maths Madness.And chuckle at Little Suppandi’s antics in Intelligence Quotient.Did you read? Making the world a better place. Click here to read: bit.ly/3fT6oVg




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