366 words in Bengaluru

366 words in Bengaluru


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Help your child learn new words and get to know our Bengaluru (Bangalore) all in one unique children’s book. Are you teaching your child new words in English. Research suggests that learning words with accompanying pictures makes it faster and easier to remember new words. But what if the pictures are actual places in your very own city of Bengaluru. Learn 366 words and concepts through real landmarks, parks, places of work, festivals, culture, experiences and cuisine of Bengaluru. Along with new words you can also help your child discover the history of Bengaluru, how the city got its name, famous Indians from Bengaluru and learn from a fun colourful map of the city. General knowledge, activity, culture, history and travelogue all rolled into one! Don’t be surprised if your child wants to start exploring Bengaluru with you to see the places in the book in real life. This book is perfect for helping kids learn new words while busy with lots of activity that also adds to their general knowledge about Bengaluru. Did you read? Making the world a better place. Click here to read: bit.ly/3fT6oVg




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