Number march

Number march


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Teach your child that numbers are not just strange symbols hidden in their maths books but in fact are all around us. This book contains amazing general knowledge facts about numbers from 1-12. From the simple '3 lights in a traffic signal' or '4 points in a compass' to the lesser known facts like the '9 gems of the navratna' or the '10 claws on a crab', this book is sure to make your child start loving numbers like never before, along with learning so many interesting facts about the world around us. Number march is an eye opener and a must-have for children of all ages . With fun facts on each number, words in rhyme and delightful hide and seek illustrations, it is a treat for the brain and the eyes. This is a book that will make your child think and observe the world, like never before. Selected by as one of the top books of 2014. Did you read? Making the world a better place. Click here to read.




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