Tinkle 741

Tinkle 741

Issue 741 (June 1-7 2020, Digital Issue 1)


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Start your month with the latest issue of Tinkle! And now you will not have to wait too long for your favourite magazine. A new digital issue will be out every week! Join Shikari Shambu as he celebrates World Environment Day as well as his birthday in the Nordic region in Faroe Calling. WingStar and the Starlition take on attackers in Bindore while trying to save the mayor. Find out who wins in A Town in Terror: Round 2. See how Suppandi stumps a police officer in Neighbourhood Robbery. Also Starring: Sam, Tinkle’s resident Know-It-All is taking down the Defective Detectives with some really interesting trivia about the ocean in Ocean Notion. And learn how to make your own delicious sandwiches in Fun Recipes: Sandwiched. EDIT DIARIES: Watch Rajani talk about her childhood adventures, particularly a prank she played on her sister. Did you read? Making the world a better place. Click here to read: bit.ly/3fT6oVg




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Kavin commented on Tinkle 741 from Tinkle 741: And I can tell you how to put an emogi. First , go to the last row where the space bar is. Then, search the row. then you'll find one emogi with no color. tap on it then you'll find all kinds of emogis.
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