Tinkle Double Digest No - 193

Tinkle Double Digest No - 193


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What’s Special? • It’s the prince vs. the gardener’s daughter in The Challenge. Can he double his money or will he have to marry her? • A royal couple’s daughter is born bald and without teeth. Will the kingdom’s physicians find The Magic Ointment that can make the princess perfect? • Shikari Shambu is kidnapped by some poachers when he tries to escape a tiger hunt. Find out if he manages to get out of this scrape or make things worse for him. • A strange animal claiming to be a jacklion says it is the ruler of the forest. But Kalia the Crow is intent on getting to the bottom of this creature’s mysterious existence. Did you read? Making the world a better place. Click here to read: bit.ly/3fT6oVg




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