Tinkle 749


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After a fun weekend Mondays can be boring. But not any more! Now the start of the week means a new Tinkle! Get ready to join your favourite Toons on their adventures.

What’s Special?
Read YogYodhas: Out and About to find out what happens when an innocent hiker spots the super secret Praanis!
After a disastrous evening, it all comes down to a battle between the Starlition and the rogue scientist, Dr. Rempuia. Who will win in WingStar: The Dinner Party (Part 2)?
Suppandi is a Quick Learner and he is ready to make you laugh with his antics in a fast-food restaurant.
Also Starring:
Join Ina and Mynah as they exchange some very interesting facts about asteroids in Know-It-All: Hi Asteroid! And don’t forget to celebrate Friendship Day with a fun recipe—Cake It Up.




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