Tinkle 753

Tinkle 753


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Take a sneak peak into the lives of the Tinkle Toons with the new issue of Tinkle. Spend this week with the Defective Detectives, WingStar and your favourite–Little Suppandi!

What’s Special?
Laugh at Little Suppandi’s plan to bring rains and delay his exams in Water Plan.
The Defective Detectives have landed a new case. They’re chasing a criminal who wants to release a stinky perfume. Read Scent of a Criminal to find out if they catch this crook.
WingStar is determined to save hostages in a water supply plant. But will someone help her when the criminals wear her down in Plant in Peril?
Know more about José’s brilliant plan to earn some money by tricking a mule seller in No Way, José.

Also Starring:
Sam and the Defective Detectives are at it again! This time they’re exchanging some facts about the brain in Know-It-All: Brian bamboozle.  




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