Tinkle 757


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Is Monday already here? That means it is time to read the new Tinkle issue! Spend this week with the Defective Detectives, WingStar and your favourite Suppandi!

What’s Special?
- Suppandi has become a Recycling Hero. Find out how he stuns a lady in an electronics shop with his intelligence.
- Read Birthday Blunders to find out what happens when the Defective Detectives suspect a waiter of poisoning some diners at a restaurant.
- Mapui and Angelo along with some children have been kidnapped by criminals. Will they be able to escape? Find out in WingSar: Kids Vs. Kidnappers.

Also Starring:
Join our Know-It-Alls, Sam and Mynah, as they share some interesting trivia about left handers in On The Other Hand. Tinkle readers had some bizzare questions for Suppandi. Read his hilarious answers in Ask Suppandi. Read Do-It-Yourself: Fishing Fun and learn to create an interesting game to play with your loved ones. Kooki, Tinkle’s biggeesssst fan, is sitting down with Shanti, Frooty and Ravi for an interview. Get all the scoop in Tinkle Talk Show. And finally, share the jokes from Fun-A-Thon with your friends and family and tickle their funny bones.




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Liza Korambil commented on Tinkle 757 from Tinkle 757: I really loved this issue. Talk show was really nice. Jai Uncle and Anu Aunty felt kind of comical, but that just makes it muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhhhhhh better. Although you could include a SuperWeirdo story in which every character’s backstory is there.