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Sail the sea of stories with a new Tinkle issue every Monday! Enjoy stories starring your favourite Tinkle Toons. Chuckle at Suppandi’s antics, find out how the ‘lionhearted’ Shikari Shambu saves animals, join the Defective Detectives on a crazy ride as they chase criminals and soar the skies with WingStar! You can also learn interesting trivia and do some fun activities featured in your favourite magazine.

What’s Special?
- Suppandi an Expert Navigator? Join him and Maddy on a trip to find out.
- Mynah doesn’t want to get rid of her precious books. Read
Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Mynah Mania to find out what happens when her family steps in.
- Tantri the Mantri, Raja Hooja and Ladoo are at a pet fair. Tantri wants to get rid of Ladoo but not all goes according to plan. Laugh at his bad luck in Pet Perfect.

Also Starring:
Nadia, Ina and Mapui try to solve some problems and answer readers’ questions in Dear Tinkle. And Kooki, Tinkle’s biggeesssst fan, is sitting down with Mina, Dushtabuddhi, DeadHit and Suppandi for an interview. Get all the scoop in Tinkle Talk Show.




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