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Sail the sea of stories with a new Tinkle issue every Monday! Enjoy stories starring your favourite Tinkle Toons. Chuckle at Suppandi’s antics, find out how the ‘lionhearted’ Shikari Shambu saves animals, join the Defective Detectives on a crazy ride as they chase criminals and soar the skies with WingStar! You can also learn interesting trivia and do some fun activities featured in your favourite magazine.

What’s Special?
The Defective Detectives believe that cats want to take over the world. But not on their watch! Find out whether they are able to get rid of this Animal Trouble.
WingStar wants to watch a movie with Angelo and Angelina. But what happens when there is Trouble in the Theatre? Join the gang to see if they tackle it before someone gets hurt.
Suppandi thinks he is making tea for his friends. Laugh along as you find out what’s actually brewing in Good Food.
It is time to vote for your favourite Tinkle Toons, issues, covers and more because Tinkle Awards is back!
Do you think you have the sharpest eye? Then take part in Tinkle's Scavenger Hunt and get a chance to win an exciting prize.

Also Starring:
Ravi and Rahul are back to stun Sam with facts about volcanoes in Know-It-All: What a Blast! (Part 2) Learn how to make your own little garden with Do-It-Yourself: Kitchen Garden. Share the jokes from Fun-A-Thon with your friends and family and tickle their funny bone. Also don’t forget to See and Smile!




Kavin Rajan commented on Tinkle 767 from Tinkle 767: hi
Sarangi likes Tinkle 767 from Tinkle 767
Dhanyata Syrigapu commented on Tinkle 767 from Tinkle 767: There is a miistake in this book. Ravi is Agent Purring Whiskers and Rahul is Agent Meowing Stripes, but in page 19, panel 5, Rahul called Ravi "Agent Stripes"!!!!
GuestUser9287 rated on Tinkle 767 from Tinkle 767

GuestUser9287 rated on Tinkle 767 from Tinkle 767