Tinkle 775 (Week 4)


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Sail the Tinkle seas with brand new stories from the world of your favourite Toons! Chuckle at
Suppandi’s antics, find out how the ‘lionhearted’ Shikari Shambu saves animals, join the Defective
Detectives on a crazy ride as they chase criminals, and soar the skies with WingStar! You can also learn
interesting trivia and do some fun activities featured in your favourite magazine.
What’s Special?
Shikari Shambu is in the Galapagos Islands with Shanti. And all he wants is to get on a boat,
have lunch and rest. But things don’t work as planned. Join him in
Bobo Boo! to see what
● Laugh along with Frooty and Maddy as they see
Suppandi follow his doctor’s instructions to a T
Food Drama.
● How did a crate carrying the latest Captain Enigma comic books crash in front of their house?
Join Rahi and Rehan to solve this mystery and nab
The Book Crook..
Also Starring:
Join the Tinkle Team in a game of name, place, animal, thing in
NPAT with the letter N. Laugh till your
tummy hurts as Tinkle’s resident goofball answers some interesting questions sent by readers in




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