Tinkle 782 (Week 1)

Tinkle 782 (Week 1)


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Tinkle has been India’s formative children’s magazine for the last 40 years. Every week, we publish comic stories, facts and features on a variety of topics from sports and craft to science and general knowledge that will inspire and inform you. You will meet our classic characters—Suppandi, the hilarious simpleton; Shikari Shambu, with his adventures in the jungle; and Tantri, the evil Mantri. Also waiting to see you are a number of new characters—Defective Detectives, two boys who see a conspiracy everywhere; Aadi and Nadia from the wonderful boarding school NOIS; and WingStar, Tinkle's superhero from the north-east. In This Issue 1. Join Niharika and Bhoomika as they find an ideal way to celebrate Diwali in Lighting the Way. 2. Little Suppandi told his mother, "Don't Peek!" But she did it anyway and she was stunned. You will be too when you read the story. 3. Tantri the Mantri has one last chance to undo the fake news mess he made and take the throne for himself. Will he finally succeed? Find out in The Final Fake-out! Also Featuring: Time to have some Flying Disc Fun with very easy Do-It-Yourself instructions. Learn some interesting facts that Sam and Mynah have found about Uncracked Codes in Top That! And join Jagannath Halbe as he shares some rib-tickling puns in Pun-A-Thon. Don’t forget to See and Smile!




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