Indian Folklores and Fables

Indian Folklores and Fables


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"Before we invented writing, we invented stories. Folktales are the backbone of Indian storytelling, handed down from generation to generation through a timeless oral tradition. Stories never waited to be written down; they travelled quickly from person to person as they were verbally retold. Each folktale is a window to the culture it originated from. It tells us about the kind of people who were part of the culture—what they ate, how they dressed, what they thought about, how they lived, and more. They are simple and old tales, but like all good stories, they have no expiry date.
In this Collection, we have put together enchanting stories from the archives. Each story has been hand-picked to showcase the wonder, wit and magic of the Indian storytelling tradition. We hope you enjoy each one of them, while discovering the ageless wisdom they contain too.So sit back and enjoy this journey through India, through its stories."




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