Tinkle 784 (Week 5)

Tinkle 784 (Week 5)


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"Tinkle has been India’s formative children’s magazine for the last 40 years. Every week, we publish comic stories, facts and features on a variety of topics from sports and craft to science and general knowledge that will inspire and inform you. You will meet our classic characters—Suppandi, the hilarious simpleton; Shikari Shambu, with his adventures in the jungle; and Tantri, the evil Mantri. Also waiting to see you are a number of new characters—Defective Detectives, two boys who see a conspiracy everywhere; Aadi and Nadia from the wonderful boarding school NOIS; and WingStar, Tinkle's superhero from the north- east.

In This Issue
1. Shaurya and Shanti have convinced Shikari Shambu to spy on J.J. who is meeting someone fishy. Read Out of Work (Chapter 4) to know what the trio discovers, for it will shock you.
2. Suppandi is all set to protect the environment, but all he has is a cycle. Read Two-wheeler Trouble to know more about his plan and giggle.
3. SuperWeirdos Aisha and Rohan are at a store when suddenly everyone freezes! Find out what’s going on in Slurp!
Also Featuring:
The Defective Detectives are ready for a nap because they were up all night solving a case. How will our resident Know-It-All, Sam, play spoilsport this time? Find out in You Snooze, You Lose. Learn how to make an Upcycled Headband in Do-It-Yourself."




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