Tinkle Double Double Digest No. 18

Tinkle Double Double Digest No. 18


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With more than 350 pages of the best that Tinkle has to offer, you are in for a rollercoaster of a ride through classic Tinkle tales of adventure, mystery, fantasy, hilarity and more. Read stories featuring all your favourite Tinkle Toons, from Suppandi, Shikari Shambu and Kalia the Crow to Tantri the Mantri, Nasruddin Hodja, Anwar and many, many more! There’s something for everyone in this monster-sized Double Double Digest, so grab your copy and let the fun never end!

What’s Special?

1. It’s Vinnie’s birthday, but it’s also her maths exam! Read Test-time to find out how the day goes from better to worse for Vinnie!

2. Nobody wants to help a poor blind beggar in Paris, but his luck changes when he meets a poet. Find out what happens in The First Day of Spring.

3. Suppandi’s employer decides to teach him maths to make him smarter. Laugh out loud at how smart Suppandi becomes in Adding Up.

4. Chunmun the goat has to leave her kid Thamku at home alone. Unfortunately, the wicked wolf has got wind of this and has his heart set on a delicious dinner. Will Thamku be able to save himself? Find out in Thamku and the Wicked Wolf.

5. Read how Razak and his wife put their brains to use when a thief creates trouble in Mirzapur in The Box with a Message.




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