Tinkle Double Digest 217

Tinkle Double Digest 217


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Can’t get enough of your beloved Tinkle Toons? Tinkle Double Digest is here to satisfy your hunger! It is full of action-packed stories, rib-tickling jokes, thought-provoking features, challenging puzzles and activities! Enjoy the adventures of iconic characters such as Suppandi, the ‘brave’ conservationist Shikari Shambu, Tantri the Mantri and the Defective Detectives. This bumper collection is perfect for long journeys and lazy weekends! Let the fun begin!

What’s Special?
Professor Rao has been kidnapped and even the police have no clue about his whereabouts. But Sneha, the professor’s star student, might’ve found a clue. Find out what it is in The Floppy Adventure.
Poor Vasco, the turtle, is in great danger. Will Mopes and Purr be able to rescue Vasco? Read Mopes and Purr: In a Soup to know more.
Suppandi has learned the secret to strong bricks. Laugh out loud as he puts his learnings to good use in Suppandi: Baking Tricks.
Thieves? Pah! They are no match for Padmavati’s brain! Read The Wise Lady to see how Padmavati tricks not just one, but five robbers!




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Payal commented on Tinkle Double Digest 217 from Tinkle Double Digest 217: I wish there should be more double digest than single weekly 10-15 pages tinkle in the app. By the way I love to read it, my favourite pastime. :)
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