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What’s Special in May? 
Join Shikari Shambu at a plant biodiversity park where he helps a fan foil someone’s evil plan. Will they succeed? Find out in Wild Wanderings. 
Mr. Maalwaala has asked some detectives from NOIS and NV School to help find his Disappeared Diamond. Who is he, where is his diamond and does this have something to do with Tinkle’s 800th issue? 
Tag along with Sara and her classmates on an exciting school trip where everyone discovers why The Museum Rocks! 
Tantri the Mantri has a new plan to bump off Raja Hooja and become the king of Hujli in Tinkle’s 800th issue! Join him on this adventure in The Filmy Fever. 
Join a family of harrier birds as Tinkle Explains: How Harriers Migrate. 
In Happy Holidays, Angelo and Angelina want to enjoy a fun day with Mapui. But what happens when duty calls WingStar?  
Suppandi is in a lot of trouble at a conference. Laugh out loud as you find out why in Tech Wizard.   
In SuperWeirdos: Screech! Aisha must put aside Tinkle’s 800th issue and help Heer fight an unexpected villain to save Amma before it’s too late. 
The YogYodhas have been invited to a special celebration at Tinkle Headquarters. But only The Winner can make it. What’s the challenge and who will come out on top? 
There’s a lot of DIY Drama in the Halbe house as Ina Mina Mynah Mo create some interesting projects for a special Tinkle 800 contest. 
Can Shantanu, Kenny, Mahira and Ashna uncover A Smelly Scheme before Jalpur’s 800th founding day celebrations are ruined?  
Little Suppandi might not make it in time for Tinkle’s 800th issue party but he’s sure to have A Ride to Remember. Read the story and chuckle away. 
In Defective Detectives: D(r)oll Troll, Ravi and Rahul must stop a dangerous villain before they lose all their friends! Will the boys stop this enemy in time? 
Maddy seems to be facing some Tuition Trouble, but Suppandi has the perfect solution that will shock Maddy but make you laugh. 
Check out celebrity writer and Tinkle veteran Cheryl Rao’s Eight Times Table where Manav, Sahil and Shweta find the perfect present for great uncle Suresh. 
A Naanu Paati Story follows two kids stuck between grandparents who love completely different cuisines. Read this story by celebrity writer Janaki Sabesh to see how the kids save themselves. 
Did you hear? Old Fuddydud Turns 800! Read this hilarious and sweet poem by celebrity poet Payal Kapadia and see how old Fuddydud’s great gran’-gran’-gran’-grand kids are preparing for his party! 
Tinkle Rewind celebrates 800 issues of Tinkle by tracing its journey so far. Check out stories from landmark issues from Tinkle's past! 

Also Featuring: 
Read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened To Me. What is Biological Diversity? Find out in Kalia’s Fact Sheet! You Be the Detective and help Jaggu solve a mystery in The 800th Mail. Learn some fascinating facts that Mynah and Mo have found in Top That!: Marvellous Museums. Check out some bizarre, yet completely real news stories in Tinkle Times. What is Surface Tension? Enter Tashi’s Lab to perform a cool science experiment and find out. Join Tinkle’s resident goofball as he answers some interesting questions sent by readers in Ask Suppandi. Join Ina and learn how to create Tin Can Chimes in Do-It-Yourself! And finally, to celebrate Tinkle’s 800th issue, try to find all your favourite Tinkle Toons from the past hidden in this issue!

Tinkle has been India’s formative children’s magazine for the last 40 years. Every week, we publish comic stories, facts and features on a variety of topics from sports and craft to science and general knowledge that will inspire and inform you. You will meet our classic characters—Suppandi, the hilarious simpleton; Shikari Shambu, with his adventures in the jungle; and Tantri, the evil Mantri. Also waiting to see you are several new characters—Defective Detectives, two boys who see conspiracy everywhere; Aadi and Nadia from the wonderful boarding school NOIS; and WingStar, Tinkle's superhero from the north-east. 




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