Tinkle Double Digest 218

Tinkle Double Digest 218


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"Can’t get enough of your beloved Tinkle Toons? Tinkle Double Digest is here to satisfy your hunger! It is full of action-packed stories, rib-tickling jokes, thought-provoking features, challenging puzzles and activities! Enjoy the adventures of iconic characters such as Suppandi, the ‘brave’ conservationist Shikari Shambu, Tantri the Mantri and the Defective Detectives. This bumper collection is perfect for long journeys and lazy weekends! Let the fun begin!

What’s Special?
● Tinku hasn’t been selected in the basketball team, but Suppandi knows just what will help him. Get ready to laugh as you read how in Suppandi: Instantly Enlarged.
● It’s Cousin Rajan’s Wedding and it’s less wedding, more chaos! Read how Rukmini saves a kitten and the day in the story.
● Chanchal is an extremely mischievous boy and his parents are worried about him. They send him as an apprentice to a magician, but there are surprises waiting for the family. Find out what they are in Chanchal and the Magician.
● Sandalwood smuggling and a big gang of smugglers? How will Raju take them all down? Read Raju’s Bicycle to find out!"