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What’s Special in July?

· Owl’s Not Well with WingStar because someone is breaking into Aizwa’s tech factories. Who are they and what are they stealing? Find out!

· Pinki is just trying to help her mother and sister by fixing their broken things. But things don’t go as planned in A Sticky Story.

· Tantri the Mantri has a new plan to bump off Raja Hooja! But why does it involve chocolates and dancing? Check out Two to Tango and know more!

· The Shubham family bring back a dangerous entity from their holiday in Japan. Check out The Cloth and see if they manage to save themselves from its attack!

· Laugh out loud as you see how Suppandi stumps Maddy and his niece in Name Game.

· The Defective Detectives are determined to save the world from a new enemy. But will they succeed in uncovering this new foe? Find out in What’s the Score?

· Tinkle Explains what it’s like To Be a Bee.

· Celebrate Ina’s birthday and join Ina Mina Mynah Mo on a trip down memory lane in From the Archives.

Also Featuring:

You Be the Detective and find out who ate Ashwin’s chocolate in The Missing Chocolate. Read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened To Me. Enter Tashi’s Lab to perform a cool science experiment and learn about The Power of Friction. Check out some bizarre, yet completely real, news stories in Tinkle Times. Learn some fascinating facts that Shambu and Shanti have found in Top That!: Magnificent Moon.




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