Tinkle Double Double Digest No. 20

Tinkle Double Double Digest No. 20


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With more than 350 pages of the best that Tinkle has to offer, you are in for a rollercoaster of a ride through classic Tinkle tales of adventure, mystery, fantasy, hilarity and more. Read stories featuring all your favourite Tinkle Toons, from Suppandi, Shikari Shambu and Kalia the Crow to Tantri the Mantri, Nasruddin Hodja, Anwar and many, many more! There’s something for everyone in this monster-sized Double Double Digest. So grab your copy and let the fun never end!

What’s Special?

● Young Linda is a kind-hearted and helpful girl, but she lives with a wicked rich lady who makes her toil all day for a plate of food. Watch how the times change for Linda in The Blue Kerchief.

● I Don’t Want To! is what you’ll hear if you were to ask Meera for help. Will she get out of this habit? Read the story to find out!

● How much is 10 plus10? 20? Abdul says otherwise and has set up a challenge for Hodja to prove him wrong. Laugh at his smartness in Added Proof.

● Yikes! There’s an angry bull on the loose. But who’s this in the bull’s way? Shambu?! Find out in Shikari Shambu: All Aboard the Skateboard.

● Dadi knows how to make everything better, even victory parties for 11-year-olds! Read Pranav’s Dadi: The Party to see how she cheers Pranav up.




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