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What’s Special in August?

· Join Hassan and his family on a ship in Strange Tidings as they tackle a band of pirates who want to loot them.

· A Farty Tale captures Shikari Shambu’s adventure on a beach as he tries to save some birds.

· Portrait Paranoia is spreading across the NOIS campus. Will Aadi, Nadia and their friends escape this danger in time?

· Tinkle Explains all about cameras and how they work in Say Cheese! Click!

· Why is a cat having A Cat-astrophic Afternoon? Check out a speechless story to find out.

· Laugh out loud as your read about Suppandi’s latest job in Sand It Down.

· Will WingStar finally beat MKB with the help of an unexpected ally? Find out in Owl’s Not Well (Part 2).

Also Featuring:

Join Tinkle’s resident goofball as he answers some interesting questions sent by readers in Ask Suppandi. You Be the Detective and find out who stole Ms. Stressalot’s watch in Watchful Eyes. Join Jagannath Halbe as he shares some rib-tickling puns in Pun-A-Thon. And don’t forget to See and Smile! Why Save Tigers? Find out in Kalia’s Fact Sheet! Join Mina and learn how to create an Underwater Search Game in Do-It-Yourself. Step into Mo’s kitchen with Fun Recipes: Yum Crunch to make a delicious snack. Read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened to Me. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan and find out who has tied Ravi’s Rakhis in PuzzBuzz! Check out some bizarre, yet completely real, news stories in Tinkle Times. And join Kooki, Tinkle’s biggest fan, as they interview Ina, Shikari Shambu and Tantri the Mantri in Tinkle Talk Show.