Tinkle Double Digest 220

Tinkle Double Digest 220


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Can’t get enough of your beloved Tinkle Toons? Tinkle Double Digest is here to satisfy your hunger! It is full of action-packed stories, rib-tickling jokes, thought-provoking features, challenging puzzles and activities! Enjoy the adventures of iconic characters such as Suppandi, the ‘brave’ conservationist Shikari Shambu, Tantri the Mantri and the Defective Detectives. This bumper collection is perfect for long journeys and lazy weekends! Let the fun begin! 

What’s Special? 
● Bobiram has another trick up his sleeve. But it seems he has met his match in A Trickster is Tricked! 
● Everyone dislikes Manu’s Crawly Friends. Can Manu change their minds? Read the story to find out! 
● Mopes and Purr are having a really boring day. However, things change rapidly when they witness a bank robbery. Join them on their adventure in The Bank Heist. 
● Don’t take Suppandi as someone who can’t do a thing right. In fact, he can do two things at the same time! Take a peek into his genius brain in Two-in-One.