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What’s Special in September?

· Tantri the Mantri is using an interesting potion to become the ruler of Hujli! Check out All Hail the King! to see Tinkle’s IdeaStar winner’s funny idea in action.

· Check out how Little Suppandi is stumped by a relative in Colour Chaos and laugh out loud.

· Join Sam and the Defective Detectives as Tinkle Explains Evolution!

· Someone has stolen money from Lalisa’s school and she thinks she knows who the criminal is. Read Remarkable Events to find out who they are!

· Big Baan’s favourite crocodile turns teacher in Doob Doob’s Lesson! Check out this jungle adventure and meet his bumbling students.

· Someone is after mangoes in Aisha’s grandparents’ village. Will she solve this mystery with her new friend? Read SuperWeirdos: Rat-A-Tat and find out.

· The Halbe family forgot about Mina’s birthday! Check out Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Mina’s Surprise to see what happens next.

· Celebrate Uncle Pai’s birth anniversary with Tinkle Rewind: The Hasty Manager.

· Why is Suppandi frisking Maddy outside an airport? Find out in Rush Crush and chuckle away.

· YogYodhas, Bir and Bala, learn A Lesson in Bark-eology as they try to protect a cute pup from someone dangerous.

Also Featuring:

Enter Tashi’s Lab to perform a cool science experiment and learn about Freezing Point. Who stole snacks from the VidyAshray kitchen? Solve PuzzBuzz: Thief! Thief! to find out. You Be the Detective and find out who robbed Gajju Ghoda in Clocked! Check out some photos and videos from Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha’s booth at the prestigious San Diego Comic Con, USA! Learn some fascinating facts that Aadi and Nadia have found in Top That!: Animals and Their Vision. Read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened to Me. Join Jagannath Halbe as he shares some rib-tickling puns in Pun-A-Thon. And don’t forget to See and Smile! Check out some bizarre, yet completely real, news stories in Tinkle Times.


Tinkle has been India’s formative children’s magazine for the last 40 years. We publish comic stories, facts and features on a variety of topics from sports and craft to science and general knowledge that will inspire and inform you. You will meet our classic characters—Suppandi, the hilarious simpleton; Shikari Shambu, with his adventures in the jungle; and Tantri, the evil Mantri. Also waiting to see you are several new characters—Defective Detectives, two boys who see conspiracy everywhere; Aadi and Nadia from the wonderful boarding school NOIS; and WingStar, Tinkle's superhero from the north-east.




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