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What’s Special in November?

· Join Aisha and her friends as they face a new dangerous enemy suggested by Tinkle’s IdeaStar winner! Check out SuperWeirdos: Shwish!

· There’s Chaos at the ISC! Tinkle might get cancelled! Help your favourite magazine to survive by filling out the Tinkle Fan Report before it’s too late!

· Uncle is known for his exciting adventures and interesting friends, but something about him seems fishy. Can Shanu and her friends uncover Uncle’s Secret Friends?

· The YogYodhas, Bir and Bala, have decided to take Monstrous Matters into their own hands. Will they beat a dangerous monster that is scaring locals away? Find out!

· A Seat Story is sure to make you laugh when you see how Little Suppandi tries to cool down his bicycle seat.

· Shikari Shambu is in Dubai for an important convention. But things take a turn when he discovers that he has a magical power. Find out more in Wishful Thinking.

· Join NOISians, Nadia, Aadi, Rayna and Dheer, as Tinkle Explains some useful learning techniques in Study Smart, Not Hard.

· Zoya and Purab have uncovered suspicious activities that might land them in deep trouble. Read Market Madness to see what’s going on and if they will be safe.

· Ina Mina Mynah Mo must get to Tinkle’s anniversary lunch. Check out Time Travails to see if they reach before all the delicious food is over.

· Read Just Knocking to see how Suppandi shocks his colleagues and makes you laugh, yet again.

· Join Mynah and Ashoka Young Changemaker Dwishojoyee Banerjee in Don’t Stick to Plastic as they share an inspiring story about protecting the environment.

· Meet Matru’s Customers in Big Baan and laugh out loud as you find out what they want in this hilarious jungle adventure.

· WingStar and Shambu spot a dragon family enjoying The Golden Stories deep in a forest! Check out our speechless comic for the full story.

· Past meets present in Adventure Time! How did Shambu, Tantri and Suppandi of the 1980s show up at Tinkle’s 43rd anniversary party and can they go back? Find out!

Also Featuring:

Join Aisha and Heer as they share interesting facts about Our Bizarre Body in Top That! You Be the Detective and find out who broke into Munim’s house in Crime Strikes. Read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened to Me. Join the anniversary fun with Tinkle Tasked! an exciting board game featuring your favourite Toons! Check out some bizarre, yet completely real, news stories in Tinkle Times. Learn how to make delicious and Easy Coconut and Biscuit Laddus in Fun Recipes! Join Mynah and learn how to make your very own Newspaper Bag in Do-It-Yourself. And finally, Enter Tashi’s Lab to craft your own compass and learn about Earth’s Magnetic Field.




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